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    Advice on acceptable waiting time for my withdrawal with Betway

    Hi and welcome to the forum, to help assist you a bit further could you please tell us 1/ Is this your first withdrawal? 2/ Have you completed verification? 3/ Which payment method did you use please?
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    Bet365 refuse payment of Sports Bet i Won

    This is strange coming from such a big casino but hope you get your hard-earned money soon, Camgirl!
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    Bet365 no protection for unauthorised payments

    I am sorry to hear about the situation and I am not entirely sure what the best course of action would be. To answer the question above in red : Yes that is what should happen in terms of KYC process should be carried out before depositing, however 90% of casinos have not adopted this strategy...
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    Bet365 Jackpot Verification Process

    Bet365 is too big to care sure they'll pay u. When they finish with the 10000 payouts.
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    Betway haven't paid: Please help

    Hi there. I've edited your title hope you don't mind. We'll need a bit more information to help. So have they refused the withdrawal altogether or are they just saying they can't pay it to your Neteller account?
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    Withdraws from Betway

    I personally don't think you'll have a problem with Betway. By the 30% wagering rule what exactly do you mean? If you deposited and played with your own money and there was absolutely no bonus involved and your balance was zero before you deposited so no previous bonus would still be active...
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    Betway - Won 700€ but can't cashout due to 25€ Bonus - How should I proceed?

    Just wager it and withdraw what's left. 1.250 with a 700 balance should be a piece of cake to wager on slots. You can even go up with a bit of luck.
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    Betway confiscating funds

    Sorry Betfox but they haven't picked a discrepancy here... it's definitely against the rules to make a deposit using somebody elses account, it will be stated clearly in the terms and conditions so you don't really have a chance of seeing that money. I feel so bad for you :( I admit it is a cop...