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    Question for regular casino players. Will you use Lightning if available?

    I am not very familiar about the Lightning Network. Only read about it a little from time to time, but never saw how the implementation in a casino would actually work. Could you maybe explain a little here in the thread what the advantages are over the usual casino design, and what the draw...
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    Stake Song

    Hi Guys! Let's see what you think about this! This is the stake song, eddie thought it was fire! Is it 🔥 enough for you ?
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    Stake freedom day

    I more interest about no lose for 1 day, only lucky and lucky
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    Have you ever dreamed of Stake?

    I also experienced that hahahaha ... I thought i was a millionaire then but when i suddenly woke up she already had a loved one 🤣🤣🤣
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    How long have you been at stake

    A year on April 6th
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    Why I am love Stake

    he is really right
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    Stake streams...

    I agree. Streams look like there's zero effort put in them and todays one was probably one of the worst. You guys literally make millions of dollars of profit a month, why is it so hard to buy a better microphone, get a better internet connection, get a better setup, put some thoughts into the...
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    Poker Rooms on Stake?

    I believe it might eventually happen but don't think it's in their plans for the near future.
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    Drake partnering up with Stake is BAD

    The money was too good probably, everyone has a price
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    Ladbrokes and Coral to close 1000 shops

    The Guardian revealed that GVC holdings is about to close 1000 Ladbrokes and Coral shops in the UK over the next 2 years. Redundancies will start this May and will go up to 5000 jobs. These news follow WilliamHill decision to close 900 shops.
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    Any info about betjoe? Do they pay?
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    Write a spoof review of traditional money to win Bitcoin with Cloudbet!

    \Good morning all! As we warm our hands over the charred remains of another Walmart decimated in the wake of black Friday, we gather together in another pagan celebration of rampant consumerism - Cyber Monday! For those not in the know, Cyber Monday came about when a bunch of big corporation...
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    Cloudbet Review 2022 : A Perfect Gambling Site to Win Huge Bitcoins

    CloudBet offers a huge bonus, you can earn up to 5 BTC on first deposit this is exceptionally big. However, your bonus balance will be credited automatically when you deposit your first Bitcoin. Further, to withdraw your bonus, you need loyalty points. You get 0.01 Bitcoins for every 800...
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    CloudBet won't accept either of two transactions.

    As my cartel has been growing, I have decided to deposit a tad bit of mBTC into my account. So I sign in as normal, then I deposited 25 mBTC to my account. Nothing happened, at all. Nothing on site, nor a email. I refresh address, send 10 mBTC there. Nothing. Please help! I want to keep/...
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    Balance in Cloudbet

    Hello. Recently Cloudbet is blocking access to its website of some players. Officially blocking affects basically "bettors" from the United States and the UK. However, reality is not like that. I bet from Spain and Cloudbet has blocked me. My money was blocked and I could not rescue it. Today I...
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    Cloudbet Canceled Match

    I played a tennis match but the match was canceled.Despite being canceled, the match still seems to be ongoing.I e-mailed the support but it still has not returned.
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    Cloudbet - Announcing 2-Step Authentication! | bitcoin sportsbook & casino

    With Cloudbet, you now have the option of enhancing your account security using Google Authenticator. When you enable 2-Step Authentication, signing in will work a little differently. You will require a second device - your mobile phone - in order to access your account. It will not be possible...
  18. M | Presenting over 100 NEW CASINO GAMES! 5 BTC signup bonus

    Hi folks! Today we are pleased to introduce over 100 new casino games! We have over 50 exciting slot and 3D slot machines, including some huge progressive jackpots. Race against the world's most infamous bank thief in Heist, battle in the great arenas of Rome in The Gladiator or perform a...
  19. M | Live Casino Games for Worldwide Customers

    Cloudbet has always offered a huge range of online casino games to it’s worldwide customer base, ensuring that any Bitcoin casino player can find the game that they want on Our worldwide users can still play on Live Casino by simply selecting the South America Live Dealer...
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    Anyone ever make affiliates on mBit or Cloudbet?

    Have had accounts with them for a long time, seems I never turn referrals into depositors although every other platform works. Any other people here with experiences?