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    Bwin Value bets I lost too much this weekend

    My suggestion is, Bet value when arb percentage is %3+. Before betting the value, check Pinnacle limits and Betfair liquidty. If Betfair volume is only 30-40$, it’s not a reliable indicator. Be patient. You may have losing days, even losing weeks. Maybe a losing month..but in the end it will...
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    Bwin pulling out of Russia

    no one needs this joke bookie after 1 bet limited...even with only 10 euro.
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    Bwin 1€ Limit after 2 Bets

    At least you can (could) play at bwin. Last year they left almost all middle/east european countries, wish I know why. If I see what countries are accepted now, I wonder a bit : Botswana, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Uganda, etc...lot of poor 3rd world countries, people from these countries...
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    BWIN and SPORTINGBET close my account

    did you bet on suspicious matches? tell us what matches you had on your tickets.
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    BWIN deposit & withdrawal fees again ??

    Anyone has info? Is 4.9% joke? They take deposit AND withdrawal 4.9%? I bet they dont even pay to skrill that margin?
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    Are bet365 and bwin arb friendly?

    If you take odds higher than betfair they limit you, whether you bet £50 or £5000. Hit them big for 2 or 3 bets is my advice!
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    bwin - party

    Fresh UK party account verified with zero betting history and zero funds has stake limit of 40.52GBP Things are getting rough...
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    Bwin Verification

    In the UK a lot of bookies will check the electoral role (national register of everyone eligible to vote in elections) , and if you are on it at the correct address that satisfies their ID requirements.
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    BWIN - super fast limits

    Unfortunately you better get used to it. All the softs are absolute pussies if you show any nouse.
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    bookies similar as Bwin

    there is a topic somewhere about clone bookies , but i know partybets has the same odds.
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    Bwin Limit

    It's because your country and nothing else. BWIN has recently imposed limites based on player's country origin. Especially users from Eastern Europe have faced these limits. Yes, I know what you want ro reiterate that now BWIN/GB/PB has 10 EUR limit instead of the "old one" of 50 EUR , well...
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    bwin payout?

    i had to veriffy account one more time i see. i sent them e-mail about this and sent them documents again few days ago and still no reply.. I understand its weekend maybe they need more time. I can still play casino and poker, its just i cant bet, my max winning is at 0,02 €.
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    Bwin to become VIP

    I am VIP there. Account since 2007, since 2009 starting using it more, but not frequently . Highstakes since more than one year and massive use of this bookie. lot of arbing, no limitations ever, even though placing bets on odds errors in the past as well. So in fact no idea. How much is your...
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    Bwin slashed max bet

    this is confirmed from different sources now. they became much tighter last weekend. it's not cool but not much to do except moving on.
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    Bwin odds - something changed?

    What service are you using? That update button already appears on bwin for years when you are slow and they change the odds after you redirect to the betslip from your arb service or find the bet manually. I didnt notice any speed increase on the side of bwin so the issue will be with your arb...
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    Pinnacle started a bwin tactic ?

    What bets of yours did they void? And was there an error in their display i.e score, time, red card etc? They voided some bets of my friends but they were showing it was 1-0 to the home team and offering odds accordingly whereas it was actually 2-0. I still they they should have settled the bets...
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    Bwin withdrawal

    I made a withdrawal last Friday and had the money in my bank account on Tuesday...wire transfer. They processed it on Monday for me.
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    Bwin value bets

    bwin odds often offer very big value - in longer run my capital there is constantly growing.
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    bwin-alert services

    Rebelbetting works fine for me with auto surf.. Dont know if other services are better.
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    Bwin live bets

    Greetings to all, I am having a really hard time on bwin getting me limited on three consecutive accounts in an exact same manner which is after 2-3 bets, (no over the hill stakes, 50e stake) i get limited to 100 winnings at best, there are cases that my winnings cant exceed 25e. I use a 4g...