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    Balloons 50.18% RTP - Lowest RTP EVER for a game?

    Hey folks, was just having a look around and noticed Videoslots have an instant win game called Balloons, which is advertised at 50.18% payout, is this correct or some kind of error? I thought there had to be a minimum payout percentage of 88%? Or is that only slots? It’s a pretty awful looking...
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    UK Gambling Act Review consequences

    I am new to site so apologies if misplaced. Does anyone know when review is complete and when changes will be defined and implemented? Would be interested to understand if : Sports in-play betting will really be banned? There will be stake limits? Will be loss limits? Me and my mates only...
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    Betway not paying!

    I’m having trouble with betway paying my withdrawal. I have sent them all my supporting documents bank statements/license proof of address but they always tell me they did not receive I been sending to [email protected] and [email protected] and I’ve done this atleast 6-8 times, 3 days ago I was even...
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    Is Unibet Bingo "fixed"?

    since they prepopulate the cards available to each player with max bets say buying all the cards available- that is in essence in control of the round. It seems that the same "player" are consistently in the money how is this possible when in theory all players should have same chance when max...
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    How can I find online casinos with the highest number of slot machines?

    I have found dozens of quality online casinos. I would like to know which of them has the most slot machines. How can I find out this information? Should I ask customer support? I have tried this in two cases and they have never been able to answer me. Thank you for your answer.
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    Do casinos make slots tighter if you've withdrawn in the past?

    Hey Y'all, Do you think casinos make the slots tighter after you have made a withdrawal? I have found that when I first join a new casino, then win, then make my 1st withdrawal, the next deposits I made twiddle away to a zero balance. Has anyone else experienced this? Basically, I'm asking if...
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    No Bonus Casino should be called No Win Casino

    I know it is just luck in the end but I was playing "Emerald King Rainbow Road" at 1.00 a spin and spinned 68 times in a row without a win and when I finally got something it was 1.00 What the hell....anyways maybe it's purely bad luck but I'm never playing that particuliar game or that casino...
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    Is it true that quick registration points to the untrustworthiness of the casino?

    Some online casinos require fewer registration fields than other casinos. As a result, in some casinos you will complete the registration process in a minute. Is it true that these casinos with fast registration are less trustworthy and more problematic than those casinos where registration...
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    Netent banned for Canadians. Again?

    Well tried to play some netent games and message coming up is that they are banned in quebec. anyone else, I’m playing at n1casino.
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    Slot Favourites By Country

    My go to slot provider is Poker Stars and they have recently began listing the top 10 slots played on their site by country. For the UK the top 10 includes: 5 slots exclusive to Poker Stars, number 2 is Tomb of Ra, number 4 is Book Of The Dead, 6 is Fishing Frenzy, 7 is Cashzuma and at number 10...
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    Jan at L&L comes through again for the player.

    Took a deposit bonus at Fun of 20 Super spins at £1 each.Triggered a feature which retriggered several times culminating in a total win of £736.As these were bonus funds wagering kicked in at a massive £36800.I didn't realise that i only had 48 hours to complete this so having built up my...

    NINJASPINS - SCAM. Will not pay out funds will make some excuse then change their platform so you cant view played history $6000 just gone.
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    Neteller problems ? can someone verify ?

    getting below error when trying to log into Neteller and cant deposit either see pics below, anyone else ?
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    Wild Chapo issues

    Has anybody here had any issues loading Wild Chapo (Relax), doesnt matter the casino and 4 different computers I cannot get this game to load, I get the Relax banner, it fades away and then just a black screen.
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    Casinos Contacting Streamers with Deals

    I remember back in 2015 I was streaming on twitch and on average would get 30 - 100 viewers roughly. I was contacted by hello casino to promote there site via email, and there deal was something stupid like we will give you 500 bonus no deposit. And when wagering is complete you can withdraw...
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    Weird behavior with slots URL

    Sorry guys, bit off topic but has anyone come across a situation where you are playing a slot and then look at the url and it is showing a different loaded slot?
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    missing scatters

    hi been playing online tooooo long now, i find after a long run on one slot (supe it up)which i have played on for years and have had some big wins on. that besides dropping rtp i have now noticed one scatter is missing on 5th reel used to be two now one, anyone noticed this on any other games...
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    technical issue with paddy power

    Paddy power games works extremly slow on my laptop(not better on my phone)page loads very slow,games loads minutes and reels spins slow as f**k . I tried all different browsers and still the same.No problems with other casinos at all. Is anyone expreriencing same problems with paddy power?
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    21Casino - Nanny state overkill

    So 21casino - you have decided not to treat me as a responsible adult anymore.... Because my last session was a long one - you have blocked my account until you can contact me to discuss it? This is pathetic and does not adhere to responsible gambling guidelines - it is simply a token and...
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    21casino runaround

    Well I thought my account was open again with 21Casino after it had been closed last year. Customer support called me yesterday , spoke on the phone, set up the usual DL went through RG ect ect. Told account would be reactivated after 24 hours. Got the email confirming this - then waited 24...