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    Betway not paying!

    i hope you get your money,actually just tell them that you want to close your account,you will get your funds,several months ago i had an awful experience there,i signed up and made 3 deposits of around £40 each after the 3rd deposit they blocked my account and said i had a gambling problem,few...
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    UK Gambling Act Review consequences

    I can’t imagine for one minute that the limits ‘allegedly’ discussed for max stakes on slot games (£2) like in the bookies would ever apply to the sports betting industry. Would kill the industry dead overnight. In fact it wouldn’t even take that long. That said if you’re actually any good at...
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    Balloons 50.18% RTP - Lowest RTP EVER for a game?

    Has to be a typo surely. Maybe it should be 90.18% instead? Either way Chopley will be getting a video up :p
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    Build your own sports betting arbitrage software

    Hello, you can go to the freelancer website and ask for a programmer to do the heavy programming for you.There are many Indian companies in this website which have many and cheap programmers to help you with.The only thing that i don't know is about the copywrite thing.You can check it and see.
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    Fastest live score service from South America (basketball and tennis)

    WH and Jabet are pretty much fastest what is available for free in tennis. Basketball is possible to get maybe through rollerball service tennis is mission impossible for private persons. Hope that helps