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    Any report on Betfury?

    Any report on Betfury? Limited offer but compared odds. Something interesting might be going on here.
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    Limiting player’s account.

    I had a discussion with a top manager of a top UK company. Do not ask for names, I will not give them to you because I want to protect this guy. We discussed about several things related to gambling and we came to the point when bookmakers are limiting player’s accounts. You all know the entire...
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    Will books kick me out If i use this money management?

    1unit=0.3%, 2unit=0.6%, 3unit=0.9%, 4unit=1.2%, 5unit=1.5%, 6unit=1.8%, 7unit=2.1%, 8unit=2.4%, 9unit=2.7% and 10unit=3%. Now that we release only the 10 unit picks, the rest of the scale does not matter--you will simply bet 3% of your bankroll on each bet. If the bet wins, the winnings will be...
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    Pinnacle's return to UK

    There was a rumour about a possible return to UK but I haven't heard anything again. Anybody got news about this?
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    Roobet any good?

    New Crypto bookmaker Roobet. Any reviews on them guys? What is the software that they use?
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    Euro Books for U.S. players?

    Any news on whether any Euro Books will open their doors to U.S. players now that betting is legal in the U.S.
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    Maltese new Gaming Act coming into effect.

    This act came into effect August the 1st 2022. Malta is trying to regulate further the gambling ecosystem that uses the country to get licensed. This act is focusing in AML codes and player's protection. According to this, the MGA will establish a new ''Player Support Unit'', properly crewed and...
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    Which BIG clone bookies groups do exist?

    Hello, I'm looking for groups of bookie clones with a BIG (minimum 5 clones) number of bookies using the same odds. That means, Bwin, Betsson etc. don't count cause too few clones in the group. Also, I'm looking for at least a couple of trustable ones among the group. So not just a scam-group...
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    Pinnacle problem on withdraw and email answer

    Hello, im trying to ask for a withdraw from 1 week and i wrote many emails but i have not recived the withdraw and the wrost thing, im not received answer from them after i sent a couple of email each day from 1 week. this is very strange from pinnacle... my account is legit, under my name, open...
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    Kirolbet Spanish bookmaker any info?

    Any info on Kirolbet? Could someone from Spain tell me if they have street shops also? Odds, pay outs? Thank you.
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    Betconstruct going to Romania

    Romanian market is regulated for almost 2 years now. The regulation killed on-line arbitrage and trading as we (Europeans) know it but created new chances that many of our Romanian friends perfectly know. You all know betcontruct software that makes many mistakes giving the chance to clever...