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    Bad experience on W88

    So far I have no problem with until just now. It's happen on the match Wolves vs Man. City. On minute 20 City scored a goal and then on minute 26 I click on HT under 1.5 but the bet accepted as HT under 1.25. I make a complaint to the customer service and they say the game provider say it's...
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    I’ve been using a local that covers NFL, NBA & NHL. Any suggestions on someone that covers MMA & the European sports ?
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    Bet365 doesn't like winning bettors

    It is considered one of the top books in Europe but they only like to cater to losing bettors. If you bet with discipline and consistently win, they will give your a betting limit of no more than $10!!! I deposited $10,000USD with them couple of years ago and turned it into over $30,000 after...
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    Extremely slow payment processing from Dafabet

    For now, I would stay away from Dafabet. They might be a "bigger" company but their processing time and Customer Service is HORRIBLE. I've made a withdrawal of MYR1,048.80 at around 3.00am, checked with them at around 4.30am. They said that since I transferred money from Live Dealer --> Poker...
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    Avoid Dafabet at all cost

    Yesterday I make a deposit to claim their 150% first deposit bonus. I have problem to open a page. When I click on that button, a new page pop out and I get the 'the site are refused to connect's. So I make an inquiry with the customer service. First attempt, it was a long process. I have to...
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    Bad Experience with M88 Indo

    Anyone else have bad experience with M88 ? M88 block my account since i won IDR 150 Million in one nights.
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    Which online Bookie best in Malaysia?

    Anyone can tell whether wat malaysian mostly choose for online betting ?
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    Dafabet bonus

    Im a gold member in Dafa for many years..use to be good bonus weekly But now very hardly you see any...i believe other sites give better options and Bonuses....i think its time for everyone to jump for better dealss. Thank you and frustrated..
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    KYC with payslip

    Hello everyone. I've been contacted by one of the reputable betting sites to provide kyc. I've provided everything they asked for and they eventually wanted me to provide payslip for their KYC. I've been with the site for years and no problem all this while. I am not comfortable in providing...
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    Relaunch of M88 Malaysia

    Just received emal !! Glad to see M88.
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    W88 is a scam

    i won around 10k in their sportbook A-sport Withdrawal can't be done and i just received a call from their team stated that i won due to group betting ! ALL the winning and deposit 3k cant be withdrawn..!! Never ever believe in this website !
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    Best sportbooks I recommend for Malaysia player!!

    I only pick those international trusted and safe sportbooks These are my experience of using W88 I played 7 years d in W88 I only played football match Sometimes I Deposit 10k and bet 10k permatch. Withdraw more than 100k.. sometimes I withdraw 10k,20k per day Withdraw time quite fast, It takes...
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    Can anyone recommend currently best sportsbook?

    Im currently using M88 but after experiencing something bad, im thinking of changing to other sportsbook. This is what happened to me. Sometimes i like to bet on near finish match. So i search if there's any good payouts & i found 1. So i place my bet and the system ask for my confirmation on my...
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    Which betting website has a referral bonus ?

    which betting website has a referral bonus when i refer to a friend?
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    Any best sportbook for m'sia area ?

    Any recommend ?
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    Bk8 is super scammer!

    BK8 is a big scammer.!!! Initially withdraw still OK and fast.. After win more they play busuk. Cancel my winning bet and give me reason "abnormal bet" I asked customer service what is the meaning of abnormal bet.. They dint give me any reason and said sorry its the final decision from main...
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    SBOTOP is it good?

    Anyone use this betting site are they ok? Thanks
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    12bet give no answer

    I ask customer service why the red card came in while the game already stop for HT? Funny is my bet when is still HT valid not void? I feel like being cheated
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    Anyone know what happen to w88 betting site?

    Anyone know what happen to them? i tried to withdraw some money but since july 12 till now did not receive anything yet. tried to contact them via their live chat cannot connect through and always give error message.
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    Nextbet is Misleading Customer in the first Deposit bonus!

    Dear all brothers sisters, Nextbet is Misleading Customer in the first Deposit bonus! the said 108% bonus cannot claim, i've my personal experience after deposit the money, i ask where is the 108% bonus they said need to wait 24 hours only can credit the bonus. brothers sisters i have all...