1xbet is a scam


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1xbet is the biggest scammer of a bookmarker out there. They ask for documents once you start winning but never when you are losing. I supplied all documents they asked for. they requested for more.

They even asked for selfie with "1xbet written on a paper' which I did. I had to travel to another city to take selfie with a relative that his details was used on my gaming account at a time. After all these, they are now asking for my bank verification number which is like my social security number for all financial activities that is linked to me including that of my relative.

This I have refused to give to them and never will I. I deposited $600 and only won less than $100 on this deposit, yet they don't want to release my fund. I even told them I don't want to continue again, I just want my deposited capital back and close the account, they have refused to honor my request. They are fraudsters, extortionist, rude, crude and criminals. When they want to steal your money, they frustrate you until you leave them with the money. But I promise to spread their criminal activities from today henceforth until they release my money. I will spread everything in my country and city and worldwide.

They must surely lose customers with this actions of theirs. I will make sure people no longer trust them. All my documents and that of my relative are with them. I do not even trust them these details are safe because they can decide to frame you tomorrow using these details! Who on earth ask for a customer social security number of bank verification number to process their withdrawal if not criminals?


1xbet shows what marketing can do.It is one of the most scam bookies ever shown up and it keeps to attract customers.The marketing team do a great job.
But i believe that they may keep more positive attitude to russian people and may pay more customers who are from Russia.