1xBet stole my 1500EUR


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1xBet cancelled all my winnings and stole my 1500EUR!

I wanted to verify my account and I sent them all they asked for: a copy of my ID, screenshots from my Skrill acount (personal details, cards and bank accounts, limits and a screenshots of my Skrill transactions history, a photo of me holding my ID card near the face in the background of their email (ridiculous, but ok, I complied)).

After that, they asked me "What is your relation with --my father's name and surname--"? With my very detailed explanation I answered them honestly, that it is my father. But the thing is that my father and I don't live in the same household, we don't live at the same address and we don't even live in the same city, which the data on our ID proves. I am the only one using this account, I bet from my own money and for my own money and my father and I have absolutely no links regarding betting.

They blocked my account with the balance of 1700EUR (returned only my initial deposit of 200EUR). Of course, their explanation of why my account is blocked is the violation of General Terms and Conditions.

So generally, they stole my 1450EUR of winnings only because my father also had his account, even though I didn't violate any of the rules, because I don't live in the same household with my father. They punished me only for being a son of their other client, without even considering the details of the situation.

I really hope that this will turn out right, because I am planning to fight till the end with all the available resources (besides time and money, forums (especially Polish), my betting contacts from all around Europe, complaints, making my story public.) I already filed a few complaints and I am in contact with several lawyers from Croatia and Poland and more complaints are in preparation.

Good luck to everyone who is in the same situation as me. Only after reading forums and contacting my friends about this, I found out how many people are being fooled around and robbed by them.