2022 NCAA College Basketball Tournament Discussio


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The NCAA mens college basketball tournament play in games kick off today with the big day kicking off tomorrow. I wanted to start this thread as a discussion for the tournament. I’m curious how many people have brackets set up ? This is always one of the most exciting sports events of the year and one of the biggest Vegas sporting events as there’s lots of gambling to be done in this tourney! Who’s your pick to win it all? I think Gonzaga will repeat personally.


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Best time of year, honestly I like watching the natty over the NBA playoffs anyway. So many surprises,upsets, etc. The flurry of games from Thursday to Sunday. For me I got a couple teams. Duke to win it all in coach k's final year and Tennessee as my sleeper. This year duke could break the record with 5 nba draft picks in the first round. Kentucky holds that right now with 4 players. Bring it on!


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This is one of the best moments of the year, you don´t really know what will happen in the games, so many surprises and emotions