21Casino - Nanny state overkill


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So 21casino - you have decided not to treat me as a responsible adult anymore....

Because my last session was a long one - you have blocked my account until you can contact me to discuss it? This is pathetic and does not adhere to responsible gambling guidelines - it is simply a token and ineffectual effort.

For reference - yes my last session was timely - HOWEVER - this is far from unique in my play history at 21 casino and has never been cause for concern before.
I made one deposit in this time, many hours later i withdrew 82.5% of that initial deposit. Clearly not gambling til i had run out of funds, trying to redeposit when hitting a self imposed limit, changing bet sizes from my minimum stakes normality, chasing losses or any other such cause for concern. In fact, quite the opposite. Having hit a dry run in the last 30 minutes and beginning to show losses, i stopped and withdrew the remainder of the balance.

My 10 hours of paid for entertainment - cost £3.20 an hour - less than a pint - a cost i was happy to pay.

I am fully in favour of responsible gaming - this isn't it.
If i had gambled online for 48 hours straight - utilising 30 plus online casinos - and only spent 90 minutes at your site, you would not be aware of this so this approach is ridiculous.

Similar to Rizk with their "can't deposit after midnight (obviously i'm like a cute Mogwai til then - then an uncontrollable gambling Gremlin) bullsh*t" this is NOT your remit to monitor.

SOW - intrusive but fine!
Deposit limits - All in favour!!
Self controls such as timeouts - Promote like crazy

I think you could go further - max stake guidelines set by players that you have to manually override - so i could set mine to never be over 30p a spin, and if i try to I get a prompt to accept the stake size. Game limit - similar to autoplay loss limit - where as you open a game, you type in how much you are happy to lose on said game before getting a reminder warning. There are loads of GOOD alternatives available to you.
However - please keep it realistic!

I'm likely to close my account - as someone in my mid 40's i am far past explaining my life choices to an anonymous stranger on the end of a phone line who will no doubt have a string of intrusive personal questions to ask.

UKGC are behind the "When the Fun stops" tagline - well guess what - YOU are stopping the fun.


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This is the world we live in now pal. Its saving me a small fortune not playing I tell you! Why not copy me and discover a new hobby? Honestly wish id done it years ago!