Advice on acceptable waiting time for my withdrawal with Betway


Jr. Member
I made a withdrawal of £3.9k with Betway on the 4th April. The system said it was paid on the 5th but then customer service said there's a slight delay from payment processor so much so i'll receive the winnings on the 6th, which didn't happen.

I have been chasing this up every day to be told the same thing, there's a delay with the payment processor. Today on the other hand, customer support have said "I have had a look and withdrawals are still being processed." meaning what i was previously told wasn't true.

What's an acceptable amount of time to wait with these kinds of excuses before i open a complaint? I'm not the only one with problems, people on Trustpilot are saying exactly the same thing, still nothing received after 10+ days. Surely it cannot take that long for the payment processor to confirm what's going on? or that the payment processor has some serious problems...
Hi and welcome to the forum, to help assist you a bit further could you please tell us

1/ Is this your first withdrawal?

2/ Have you completed verification?

3/ Which payment method did you use please?