Arbing After Restrictions


Jr. Member
I used to arb a few years ago and I have started up again recently.

This time the restrictions have came much, much quicker and I'm not really sure if it's viable to continue. Can anybody offer any advice?

I am a UK based player.

So far I have used the following books:

Bet365 - I lasted a month and am now restricted to between a £1-10 profit depending on how popular the market is.

bwin - Restricted to a maximum profit of €25 after only four bets.

MarathonBet - Restricted to £5 maximum stake after 10 bets, but unrestricted in the largest markets. Now I am only allowed £1 in any market.

William Hill - No restrictions yet but, until recently, I have been losing a lot of money here.

10Bet - After a couple of weeks, they now refer all bets that are 5%+ of the maximum stake to a trader, who either rejects my bet, offers me crap odds, or will only let me stake £1.

Betfair - Promptly limited to £2.50 max profit on the Sportsbook as I kept winning, but obviously no problems on the exchange.

TonyBet - Limited to between £2.50-£10 profit per bet after only placing a few bets.

BetWay - Limited to €1 as soon as I won a bet (which was the third one that I placed). My first three bets were in major markets...

TitanBet - Limited to 78p as soon as I unlocked the bonus.

888Sport - No problems yet, which is surprising as they banned me quickly last time. I am deeply in the red with them though, which is probably why I am fine.

BetVictor - Completely banned, despite losing every bet and every single one being the kind of bets that mug punters would be making anyway.

188Bet - No problems, but then there weren't last time I arbed either.

Novibet - No problems, but I have no idea what their limits are as I can't see the maximum stake.
I'm afraid I cant offer any advice, but am curious to know exactly how long you've been back arbing, and how quickly (days, weeks?) you started getting limited?

In all cases were you betting at/near the max allowed bet?

Rounding to the nearest 5 or 10?

I haven't started arbing yet and am trying to get an idea of how I can possibly slow down the inevitable limiting of accounts.

Thanks for your post.