Best platforms for Poker


I used to be playing 7 days a week, and started years ago on PokerStars, Paradise Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full tilt, Piggs Peak etc. My feeling is that online is dangerous. It is very easy to cheat, and say what they like, the various sites are clueless on how to stop it. Two things I would say. If you play a game like PLO, then you better have the right mindset for it. Big swings, and very volatile. You go from HIGH to LOW all day, and it's a game where you are going to get run over often. For me not worth playing online because you can get sandwiched between a low double suited wheel and a high double par hand easily (you get too much multi player action).

If I was playing online, I would want to play the same few guys HEADS-UP on a regular basis (and holdem). If I know I am a better player, making better reads, better folds, with better pre-flop discipline, I don't want others getting in the way. I don't mind losing to someone 2 times in every 10 meetings because in the long run I'm crushing it. And when you lose, don't steal their thunder or deny them the enjoyment of winning .... this way it's just a loan ... the cash comes back home.

Also, there is no collusion heads-up !

For me nothing worse than losing a huge hand to the table donkey in a live game, and then watching him donk your cash off to everyone else except you ! You sit there smiling through the aggravation, playing a game at a snails pace, seething inside, while this clown spews chips. Heads up reduces this scenario to zero.
I also looking for a best site for poker, and thank you for the suggestion. I have this site, a good betting place. Can you check if this is okay to bet other than poker? Thanks