bet365 closed account(26 000 euro) and asking for third part info


My username on bet365 is kubiete.I registred on bet365 2.oktober and made two deposits(neteller) 2000 eur each. I have a lot of winning bets and when my balance reach more than 16 000 euro bet365 closed my account.I get email from bet365 representative wher they advised me following

Thank you for your email confirming your Postal Verification Code.

However, before we are able to review the status of your account we will also require the following:

- An alternative form of photo ID to that what has already been received on your account. This can be either your Passport or Driving Licence. However, we can also accept a photograph of your Birth Certificate.

- A photograph of you holding a form of photo ID so we can see your face and the image on the document

- A bank statement that show your name and address, is dated in the last 3 months and has been stamped by your bank

- A Neteller statement that shows the deposits that you have made into your bet365 account and where those funds have come from

I sent all requested ducumentation.
As my deposit was generate from money who sent me my friend they asked for screenshot of my friend where they could see how they funding neteller.
My friend provided me screenshots where they have incoming money from Betfair(35 ooo eur) and also deposit to betfair.
Bet365 do not accept it and asking for FULL NETELLER STATEMENT OF MY FRIEND!!!
I provided them all screenshots realted me and my deposit to bet365.They asked provide me third part info which is not related me and my deposit!

Is it normll situation on this day?

Please help

Thank you for your email attaching these documents.

In order to proceed what we need is a screenshot showing your friend's Neteller transaction history, not just the specific transaction.

Please provide a screenshot of your friend's full Neteller transaction history in a reply to this email and we can look to review this.

Our team are available 24 hours a day by Live Chat, via email [email protected] or call +44 1782 684757 and we will be pleased to assist you.

Kind regards,

Sophie T
The bet365 Team