Bet365 no protection for unauthorised payments


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Before I start I would like to make it clear this thread is more for people's opinions and not about getting a refund.

So I have a account for bills, a account for rent and one for spare money like many people do. When I get paid I transfer money to different accounts and that's it peace of mind.

Well so I thought out of the blue I received a phone call from my landlord demanding payment of my rent as it was 3 weeks late I didn't know what he was talking about as I am never late with rent as the money leaves my rent account every month on the same day ( I am on a short term lease and have been for 6 years haha) so I log into my bank account I used for rent to find 22 transactions all over a few days to Bet365..... I don't have a bet365 account.

I go mad and suspect I know who used my card I confront them but they run away and have since been avoiding me. So I contact bet365 and I was advised to go to the police I did this and have a incident number etc but told me they would speak to the person in question but apart from that there's not much more they can do. I contact my bank who said that they no longer dispute or raise cases of fraud against gambling transactions and I would need to contact the merchant.

So I contact bet365 executive team I provide them with my card details and photos of me holding the card etc and they comfirm that the account that my card was used on is not mine but they can't give any more details other than that. I gave them. My police reference. I gave them. The email from my bank comfirming they no longer dispute gambling transactions and I need to contact the merchant. I supplied them with my ip address address etc. And I received the standard reply from a supervisor that I need to contact the police and bank, ( rember I already told them and gave evidence I Contactednl these people). So once again I email the executive team this time a manager contacts me back saying that even though they can see the transaction was not made by myself or is linked to me that its in there terms and conditions that they DO NOT REFUND.....

Since then things have taking a turn for the worse I have received a notice to quit from the landlord due to outstanding rent... I sent this to bet365 but they no longer email me back.

With all these new checks in place and certification before u sign up surely casinos can easily ask for proof of your deposit method before a payment is even made? Gambling is a addiction and things that happend to me above must be very common, so surely more protection towards depositing must be madr.
I am sorry to hear about the situation and I am not entirely sure what the best course of action would be.

To answer the question above in red : Yes that is what should happen in terms of KYC process should be carried out before depositing, however 90% of casinos have not adopted this strategy.

Just give some time, one of the other forum members will come and respond here and maybe give some better advice.

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