Betway confiscating funds


Jr. Member

I had a nice win on the football last night, £2570. I withdrew this money and it went into my pending withdrawals on Betway.

However this morning I awoke to see the money had gone and I had an email about a mismatch PayPal account. I had used £10 from my brothers PayPal to put bets on.

My bets were £10 on a horse at 9/2, then £55 on an 8-fold accumulator which come in too. It certainly wasn't the first time I had deposited with Betway.

On calling them this morning, a member of their team said using somebody else's financial account deemed everything void from transactions to winnings.

Does anyone know what I can do? I was assured the money would be in my PayPal within 2-24 hours last night when speaking to a member of the team on the Live Chat, now it seems like they've picked a discrepancy to avoid paying out.
Sorry Betfox but they haven't picked a discrepancy here... it's definitely against the rules to make a deposit using somebody elses account, it will be stated clearly in the terms and conditions so you don't really have a chance of seeing that money. I feel so bad for you :(

I admit it is a cop out - you can bet your last tenner you wouldn't have got it back if you Lost.