BetWay - DO NOT deposit your money there, they won't pay.


They're simply thieves, I deposited 1100 USD, placed some bets but didnt won anything, now i'm trying to withdrawl the same money and the KYC process started BUT...after presenting all the required documents (KYC process took about 14 days, one day they ask for ID, after you send they take minimum 48 hours to verify) they started to ask the same information again, so the process is never finished.

Some people complains about 1xbet, I had the KYC process with 1xbet and they paid the same day.

So my question is: should I forget about my money or there is something to do?


I withdrawed around €1200 euro's yesterday and I have my account for approx. of 2 days and I have already received my withdrawal. I can't say a bad word about them, I'm sure they will resolve your issue in time.