Betway - total scamming website


Jr. Member
Hi guys

Not sure how many of you have used Betway before, but I just had a horrible run in with them. After depositing £125 to play some blackjack, after about half an hours play I have run it up to a considerable amount playing about £40 a hand on average.

When I deposited, I had been given £50 as some sort of bonus thing. Great. However, when I went to withdraw, I was told I had to do it through the live chat of the site due to the bonus having not been redeemed yet. When I get through to the live chat, they say in order to withdraw, I would need to wager £3642 before I could, otherwise all winnings would be cancelled and balance returned to initial £125. What makes the whole thing even more of a farce is that for ever £1 i wager playing blackjack, only £0.08 of it counts towards working my way down that £3642.

So, a total scam. I never opted in for that bonus, but its presence has cost me £500+
Been gambling for a long time. Never been freerolled by a major online sportsbook before. To see any return of my £125 deposit I needed to wager £25,000 on the blackjack tables. Hahahaha. Just absurd.