[Boxing]: Davis vs Romero: May 28


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So finally, this fight is going to happen, the original fight date is December of last year but Romero had to pull out of the fight because of sexual allegations. So Davis continue and instead fought a game Isaac Cruz and won by a majority but close decision. Davis didn't score a knock out because he hurt his hands. But it seems it is healed already and so they will proceed to fight Romero.

There was some animosity back in December during the announcement of the fight and for sure this will continue this May

I'm still giving Davis an edge to win against a rugged Romero and I wouldn't be surprised if this is going to be a war and Davis winning by a knock out.

Current odds:
Davis - 1.06
Romero - 7.20


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I'm just surprised by the odds though, I thought that Romero will be at least be on the 3-4.x odds, but at 7? bookies are not giving him a chance to win?

He was touted as another big superstar coming from the Mayweather promotions and it seems that Tank got irked when they started to push for the fight again. But Floyd just brushed the rumor off and said that him and Tank are still doing good as promotional company-boxer relationship. So I guess it's time for Tanks to shut down Romero in this fight and score a knock out.