Bwin Value bets I lost too much this weekend


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Hi guys. I opened account in bwin and started value betting but i lost almost all bets. what im doing wrong?

I choose bwin, pinnacle, betfair as bookmakers.
I set show arb to %2.
I bet only bwin side on arbs above %2.
but that doesnt seem to work.

which advice u can give me? what im doing wrong?


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My suggestion is,

Bet value when arb percentage is %3+.
Before betting the value, check Pinnacle limits and Betfair liquidty. If Betfair volume is only 30-40$, it’s not a reliable indicator.

Be patient. You may have losing days, even losing weeks. Maybe a losing month..but in the end it will even out. You will experience amazing winning streaks but also horrible losing streaks. Don’t go tilt. Patience is the key. Just bet the value, time and mathematics will take care of the rest..