Can't login to betfury account.


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I was logged in all morning to my betfury account and all of a sudden I check it and I'm logged out. Ok. So I type in my username and password and a page pops up that says "reset password". I close it and and not logged in.. wtf. Ok so I open it again, this time I type in my email in the reset password screen and it said email sent. Nothing in email, nothing in junk mail.. I'm still not logged in.. why cant I log in. Don't know how to contact support without being able to log in to my account.


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Same here. There is a chat with support icon at the bottom right of the screen. This is what I got from support although it provided little comfort:
Hello . Thanks for your message.

We are currently experiencing a technical problem and our team is working to correct the problem. Please try again later.