CLOUDBET and their eternal "pending"


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When you use cloudbet there are 2 things that you can take for granted.

1) it you lose the bet, the ticket will be graded IMMEDIATELY as a loss.

2) if you win the bet, you can wait for HOURS or DAYS until they grade it as a win and you can withdraw your money.

At this moment, more that 24 hours have passed and my ticked is still "pending". I've emailed them twice and i get no clear answer of how long this will take....

Hope this post helps so they can decide to grade my ticket.


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Cloudbet's site has been in arrears to numerous players for the past year now with their withdrawals not handled within a 24 hour period of getting graded or if at all if the player doesn't contact their support usually by a ticket since their live chat is non-existent any longer.
I would say they have abandoned their site and do not care any longer about how their site operates any more.