Cloudbet delayed withdrawals (over and over again). Avoid them!


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Good day,

I have been using Cloudbet for a few months now and it is a horrible and frustrating experience.

They advertise that withdrawals are processed mostly instantly and on "some scenarios" it can take up to 24 hours.
If only this was true...

I am still waiting for a withdrawal of 4 days ago. They do have a Live Chat but they are useless, they only give you copy/pasted responses.
I have never received any large withdrawal (0,5 BTC+) without having to go to Live Chat or Email support first. They try to calm you down with things like "Our relevant team will get back to you as soon as possible" etc...

They are simply not delivering what they promise (withdrawals within 24 hours) and don't care about their customers at all.
Sometimes they can let you wait for more than a week for withdrawals without any response from the "relevant team".

Please avoid them. I don't know any other good alternative gambling sites, so I won't mention any. Cloudbet might be fine for gambling smaller amounts but anything over 0,5 BTC and they are basically horrible to deal with.

Hope this helps.


While it may be an issue if it's a repeated problem, I would have to assume this is an issue with security when it comes to not wanting to fill the hot wallet with TOO MUCH bitcoin because in the event of an attack the hot wallet would probably be the first line to fall into the hackers hands. I'd get in contact with someone on here relating to cloudbet, from my dealings with them they seem like a very nice team who is trying to do the best by its players.

Maybe they don't have their support setup with the correct people, but direct messaging on bitcointalk would probably be your best bet.