Cloudbet forced verification stuck for more than 10 days


I deposited 15500 USD worth of crypto on cloudbet on 15 of november to place a bet on a mma fight i didnt intend to use the whole balance as i thought with other exchanges and gambling sites i could just transfer it as instead of using multiple transaction and paying extra fees, after i placed the bet with 3k dollars of the balance and won the bet and tried to withdraw the balance it said that i couldn't withdraw because i haven't used 100% of my balance nothing about using the whole balance was mentioned in their terms and they said its a industry wide antimoney laundering law i then asked to send the money back to my original address which i transfered from which they disagreed to.

They asked me to send them the verification documents which i then sent them the same day on 15th of November and since then my account hasn't been verified, all they say is that the player security team is looking into the matter but it is never solved, my whole crypto balance is stuck their which i cant use which frustates me because im dealing with real life consequences.
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I don't understand why you deposit so much money on Cloudbet. they don't have the best reputation right now. You should have done better research before depositing that much money.
They have not responded to the forum for a long time. I hope they will respond and fix it for you.