Cloudbet withdrawal almost 48 hours and still pending


Hi everyone. I am new here. I just want to ask if someone here experienced a delay in withdrawal on their cloudbet account. I created an account to and used the sportsbook to bet my favorite NBA team. When I won my bets and tried to withdraw my winnings the site says its still pending. But its already 48 hours. I always contact their support team via live chat but they all say the same thing that they will follow it up to their payment team but still nothing is happening. Is anyone here experienced the same as well? I greatly appreciate any inputs you guys can provide.

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To avoid the delays you have to split your withdrawals. I might've said this on a similar thread but most users that are having trouble on withdrawals have been withdrawing above BTC0.1. You can read most of their cases on the main thread linked above but eventually they get fixed. In your situation I can only say is to wait and even if their support say the same thing always message them once a day. Their live supports doesn't have the power to fix all problems the payments are probably handled by a different team that's why all they can say is to forward the issue.