Don't bet sports at betfury


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If you win any tiny amount, even if you're net negative, they'll stop taking action, even a $50 wager. The site is a total clown show. And a 15 DAI withdrawal fee if you want to withdraw via ERC20 which is just an absolute ripoff.


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There’s always going to be an edge that the house has on any platform. Gambling is always a risk and I tend to stay away, unless it’s only for entertainment. I agree the fees to withdraw could be better, however the staking rewards paid out daily can be quite lucrative. I’ve had one issue in the past where my bet was taken and my screen froze, in other words a malfunction on the slot I was playing, and the response from Betfury was rather quick when I complained. Of all the sites I’ve tried, for rewards and staking, this is the best. Be careful when gambling my friend.