Horse Racing and Gambling on it should be banned


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I was spending some time with my friends parents and there was not only a huge party but all of them placed p2p bets on the horse racing. They asked me to come over as well, the ending was deeply sad and essential to cover : The horse died after winning of a heart attack.

The horse was presenting signs of heart attack on the camera but no one was actually even giving it a second thought and at the end when it was the last lap, all the horses got whipped excessively hard as well. That gets me to my point "why do you support horse racing?" This is honestly far to cruel to continue.

According the this site: Race Horse Death Watch they have seen more than 2000 deaths in around 5500 days. Most of the horses die during the match as well, they also have instances where they are exploited using drugs (doping).

Are you aware that most of the horses go through slaughter as well? Some of them have very bad injuries making them not even the least bit useful for the business therefore they are killed without second thought. I do hope people would get more aware and try and steer away from *horse racing*.


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Even humans do have heart attack. Horses are not giving medical care like humans.

You want horse race to be banned? Then you should want human 100 meter, others short distance and marathon races to be banned too.

If you want it to be banned, I mean hourse race, you want many other races to be banned, such as dog race. If you want that, you need to have political power. Even if you have political power, there are many chances that your proposal may not be accepted.