How long does William Hill withdrawal take?

I am facing some delays with a WilliamHill withdrawal even though my account is fully verified. It is a mid 4 figures amount but I have never seen a situation like this before. They usually pay within a couple of days.
I sent them an email asking about the delays but received no answer so far. Do you guys believe they are scrutinising my account? I mean, I have nothing to hide as I am a legitimate player, but this time it takes them longer than before. I used the account for some value betting and my winning streak was really unexpected. I didn’t receive any email from them about restrictions or anything like that. My account is still open and I can bet like before.
I read some horrible stories in arbusers and elsewhere about WilliamHill requesting thousands of documents some of them nearly impossible to have, resulting to delays and in some cases in no pay situations. I hope this is not the case with me.
Any clues? Thank you very much.


Normally they are usefull in terms of withdrawal speed and reliability. however....once they think theres something suspicious they can bleed you out with the verification line and will give you a hard time withdrawing your money. especially if you hit them with fixed or doddgy games.