How to get extra passive earnings and get crypto for Betfury


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There are few apps, that make us few extra $ we can spent on investing in betfury

Honeygain, 5$ extra from link

App runs in the background, giving us 1$ per 1gb of data sent. We can connect up to 3 devices per IP.

Packetstream, simillar to honeygain, but we can install of as many computers as we want.

Lazybucks This website pays 5$/week for using our facebook account. It's 100% safe and checked. Account is used to create fanpage and advertise, none of these activities can be seen on our private account, our private data is also untouch.

Kryptex It's in my opinion the best app to mine crypto, mining most profitable one, and converting it in to money, which we can withdraw in btc/etherum. Its using our GPU and CPU power so be aware.

Pinetwork Crypto mining phone app, mining PI crypto, which is not listed on market yet. App don't use much resources, work in background. You can use my invitation code "LMajster" to get better earnings.

First 3 gives us around 50$ month minimum, first two require only running device with internet.