Is matched betting safe?


Many have been asking this question: ‘is matched betting safe?’, I will try to answer it by tackling the most important internal (that the bettor has control upon), and external risks.

First of all, Matched Betting is a technique which evolves around a guaranteed win based on mathematical calculations and welcome bonuses/free bets (which are offered by bookies to bring in new customers), enabling the smart bettor to make profits.

The ‘safety’ part of matched betting is quite relative as it boils down to a spectrum of probabilities which are determined, first of all, by the person who is receiving the bonus, the risks that he wants to take corroborated with factors which he cannot control, for instance the bookmaker’s demeanour.

Matched Betting is not a hard thing to do, it just takes time and a bit of research. Taking advantage of some great posts that I have read on this forum I have come to the realisation that if you want to min-max your winnings you should try and combine matched betting techniques with arbing.

Potential risks

1. Limiting your account by the bookmakers

Bookmakers are very careful when they offer these types of incentives and try to reduce the calculated risk that these bonuses spawn as much as possible. Soft bookies make a ton of money based on the huge casual player segment in the market, but still, the concentration of sharp players abusing their systems can immediately cause a ruckus thus, smart bettors are prone to get their account limited or even banned.

Bookies do not like a player who solely bets on promotion/bonuses and they will probably find out that you are abusing easily if you are just doing it. If you are not betting your own money occasionally, the risk amplifies.

The funny part is that you will draw the attention of bookies even when you are not using the bonuses, it is a red flag for them and they might label you as a potential sharp player.

2. Making a mistake in placing bets/calculating odds

Player driven mistakes happen quite often and it is true that initially a newbie will be prone to committing some (but one learns by failing), but also the sharps are not excluded from these types of mistakes.

The reason why one is prone to these types of mistakes is that matched betting requires quite a bit of mathematical planning coped with a whole spectrum of different factors that influence the decision making. Even things as simple as the user interface can cause problems if one is not 100% concentrated to the task, so please make sure that you click correctly.

Be careful on how you calculate your odds on the bookmaker’s website, corroborated with the exchange that you are planning to use in order to lay your bet, remember to correctly calculate the liability and commission and do not place all your eggs in one basket.

3. Aggressive and non-reliable bookmakers could confiscate funds

There are some cases of bookmakers who could confiscate your hard earned funds, and these types of cases are spreading in the industry lately. This is not something that you can particularly control so if this happens you have all the right to
take legal action against them, and your chances to win will be pretty high.

4. Get stuck as a player in Matched Betting and don’t evolve with other betting techniques

Getting stuck in Matched Betting would be a shame, there is a wide range of opportunities that one can cleverly use in this industry, and a smart bettor should always find ways of improving himself.

It all really depends on the type of approach that you want to have regarding this type of activity, but if you really want to make profits long term and have time to invest in this particular endeavour, then you should clearly try and find new ways of combining tactics in order to correctly and constantly evolve.

5. The risk of gambling

The worst mistake that one can make is fall into the gambling trap. Bookies will want to lure you into this as it is their direct interest, for you to enter the rabbit hole. We, as smart bettors, need to know how to handle our emotions and not fall for petty tricks.

The wrap-up

Matched betting can be quite profitable if you invest sufficient time to find your rhythm. You will need to constantly research the market in order to find new offers and navigate the thin line of staying out of sight of the bookmakers ‘watchful eye’.

Taking into consideration the risk factors that I mentioned above, we can come to a conclusion that it is worthwhile for a newbie to start on the road of matched betting in order to get used to the systems and understand the ways of ‘smart-bettors’, consider it as a starting point; but note that one should always find a way of improving his skills and not getting stuck solely in this practice.

It would be a pity to not maximise your potential profits, especially considering the fact that by solely using this forum, you have access to a great community and information without boundaries at your finger tips.