Jake Paul vs Conor McGregor


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With all the talk about Jake Paul trying to find a new opponent and Conor McGregor leaving the door open for it to actually happen... Do you think they'll meet up in the boxing ring at some point? Conor has made it clear that his intent is to try and fight in the UFC for a belt, and is targeting a fight with Kamaru Usman for the 170lb belt this year. Then there's talk of Diaz and Poirier rematches... Personally, I think making a boxing comeback and getting some money isn't the worst idea if he were to go after Jake Paul first. That would give his leg more time to heal. However, if he lost to Jake Paul in boxing, that would seemingly be the end of his career. With Jake having so much size on him, I'm not sure if that's the gamble I'd make so long as UFC title fights were still available. What do you think?


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Who cares? They're both fake boxers.

If he do really intent on letting his legs to heal then this wont really be a good idea or gamble.He would neither make his entire popularity be lost if he would be beaten up by Jake.
But well as the poll given then i dont really care on this two whether they would meet up on ring or not but speaking of money then i wont really cross out the