[Journey] 1k to 10k in one month Valuebetting


For the last months I have been a sports valuebetter.

For those of you that don't know how valuebetting works I would like you to read this article: Value betting Guide (2023): Is value betting profitable? written by Sam from Sportssmartbetting. I don't have any affiliate or connection to the owner of this website/article.

In Summary, valuebetting is one of the few available ways of winning the "game" against bookies. Taking advantage of slow updated/overpriced Odds from bookies to bet with value. The true odds of an event/sport is often the one from PinnacleSports. When Pinnacle changes odds for the betting events, other websites take time to also reflect those changes. That's where valuebetting comes in. Let's suppose you are betting on a match of tennis betwenn Alcaraz and Djokovic. Alcaraz has 2.1 Odds to Win and Djokovic 1.8 Odds to Win. Pinnacle has new information on the market and lowers the odds of Djokovic from 1.8 to 1.6. In bet365 probably Djokovic 1.8 Odds will stay the same for a few more minutes. If we bet there at 1.8 we have an edge over the market because we are taking a better price and returns.

I have been earning my share of money and would like to try to accomplish a journey of 1 month straight of valuebetting while sharing the results here.
Update as of 29/09/2023:

r/sportsbetting - [Journey] 1k to 10k in one month Valuebetting

Number of settled bets: 84
Staked units: 840units
Staked Dollars: 2100$

Average Odds: 1.944
Average Stake: 25$
ROI: 19.51%
Profit/Loss in Units: 163.88Units
Profit/Loss in Dollars: 409.07$

The data is presented in units in the graph above. My unit is 2.5$ and i always bet 10units per bet, meaning that my stake is always 25$ per bet.

Thanks again. Follow me.