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During these last years, we noticed a growing trend for Matched Betting. Matched Betting is a betting technique to profit from free bets, bonuses and other incentives and promotions offered by bookmakers. It became the first stop for people looking for an additional income through gambling. The free market responded and as a result a number of Matched Betting Services are now competing for a share in the market. The cruel reality is that most of these services are simply copying others and they email to their clients the same bonuses and the same techniques to exploit them. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people, receiving more or less the same email with tricks to exploit the same bonus that was just released by a bookmaker. And then all these people using their smartphones to login to their accounts, and place the same bets before anyone else. This phenomenon is very common in the UK where Matched Betting services gained power.

It is evident that bookmakers and casinos could not afford to bleed cash so easily with no real profit for them. As a result the numbers and the quality of bonuses and incentives offered by bookmakers and casinos went down the cliff. Since I mentioned the UK above, it worths saying that a single UK ID would produce some 14000 only from bonuses and incentives back in 2014 and that included betting and casino action. Today, this figure should be around 4000 according to what some of our members are reporting. Matched Betting incomes are not what they used to be some years ago, and Matched Bettors must fight and compete with others for the last penny. As it all boils down to money for time, every Matched Bettor should consider if it really worths it. But at the same time, Matched Bettors already made their first steps for smart betting and it would be a pity to stop at the first stop without having a look at the rest of the journey. A great poet once said It is the journey and not the destination, but smart betting offers both, journey and destination.

Smart gambling can seem very confusing at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with certain techniques and hacks. We identified 6 different smart betting types: Arbing, Sharbing, Value Betting, Trading, Matched Betting and Middling, (you can read relevant articles in our portal) that go far beyond traditional Matched Betting as you might know it. Our community consists of thousands of members of all experience levels and our forum has been set up to accommodate and help everyone, from the very early beginner, to the complete smart betting veteran. We are convinced you will find the answers that you are looking for and even if you don't, then start a thread and see what the community will do for you. In addition, a lot of smart betting and money making techniques were born or fostered in our forum, only to be copied by laggards many steps behind us. Maybe it worths it to stay at the edge of the developments. It is both, the journey and the destination. Good luck.
So let's suppose that someone has the appropriate resources. Which one of these 6 smart betting techniques would you choose? The ultimate task would be take the maximum value from the resources.
Thank you.