mina888 vs N1 Casino


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So I joined N1 casino 2 weeks ago based on the accredited and high ratings of casinomeister and submitted all the required documents and waited until they are approved but in the meantime I deposited and kept losing. So 2 weeks go by and nothing was even reviewed so I started depositing again about 2k in deposits, I won some back and withdrew $1000. Guess what? Now they are rejecting my withdrawals, and they keep rejecting my documents. There is no live chat so I have to keep emailing them. These are the same documents I have submitted to Bitstarz and energy casino and they are always approved. Why all of a sudden at N1 casino they are being rejected???? And their reason is so idiotic. They are asking to see bank statements with the deposit details with my name attached to each deposit. The bank statement I sent them has my name, my address, the deposit etransfer amount, the reference number. Additionally I sent them the gigadat emails with the same reference number attached to my bank statements. And they are still rejecting with the same reason and they are rejecting my withdrawal. Wtf?


Something happened at softswiss casinos recently. They went apeshit on stalling and asking for impossible things everytime you want to withdraw. All of a sudden paradise casino where I played since at least 2 years almost daily, they try anything they to reject any withdrawals. They offer etransfer deposits but no withdrawals. So since forever I have been depositing with etransfers and cashing out with ecopayz. The only other option is the internationnal wire transfer in euros so I am charged 45$ fee from by bank plus conversion fees. What do you think happened when all of a sudden there is absolutely no way they can process my withdrawal to the exact same method they have been doing the last 500 times. Support at n1, paradise... or any other dama nv .... wow. Insane retards. Agressive, weird and they seem to have forgotten who they used to be. I couldnt even verified in 2 curacao new dama nv casinos recently... same support asking nonsense over and over again and refusing to close the account until I am verified. The only casino runned on the softswiss platform that isn left to trust is bitstarz because they have their own staff and they dont need to hustle old clients for 100$ You think I am crazy? Have a try. You will get lied to for a deposit and any withdrawal request will get rejected like there is no tommorow. Yesterday was le last time i give one dollar to the honest bunch at softswiss


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Hey, that sounds like a frustrating experience you're having with N1 Casino. It's disappointing when withdrawals get rejected, especially after going through the process of submitting documents. If you're looking for more information and assistance with online casinos, you might find helpful resources at https://www.casino-free-bonus-no-deposit.com/. They provide valuable insights and details about various casinos, which could offer some guidance in resolving your situation.
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