( NBA ) Nets vs Celtics Game 2 - let's discuss


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This thread is for the specific game only, let's discuss this particular game and let's see what you have in mind.

I am leaning on the Nets to cover the spread, my pick is Nets +3.5.

Last game result, Celtics won by 1 point only, so Nets should not be dominated here IMO.


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A lot of things went wrong for Brooklyn Nets in game 1 tbh, but the fact that they stayed competitive all through the game is something to be wary of, they gave away too many easy points in the paint, if they can get better defensively then they stand a great chance to not just cover the spread but also take the game. KD didn't have a good game and it's not even any where close to what his standards use to be.

NB: I think this conversation might be better suited in the already existing NBA betting thread though, because creating a a new for almost every game might just flood the board, since we're not even in the finals yet. I'd rather prefer a single thread, perhaps for the finals