NBA Pelicans vs Suns GAME 5


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The series is now tied and on the 3 games tomorrow, I like to bet on this game, and like always, I like to read some of your comments about this game.

Las 4 games.

Game 4 - NO 118 - PHO 103
Game 3 - NO 111 - PHO 114
Game 2 - PHO 114 - NO 125
Game 1 - PHO 110 - NO 99

Current odds.

Pelicans +6.5
ML 3.10

Share your thoughts.


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Yes their series is now tied 2-2 but I'm still going with the Suns here even if Devin Booker can't still play with the team, they still have CP3 laying the table for the team even if he is not who's making the most shots also I found that McGee have been good despite having long exposure so they might give him the time he needed later in the game. This 5th game will be much tougher as both teams already have knowledge what to do and when it needed, I can't deny but I think this series will reach up to Game 7. What do you think folks?