New to arbing


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Hello guys!

I am new to arbing, I am from Romania and yesterday was my first day (i placed 4 prematch arbs). I am using a VPN so I can bet with UK bookies.

Please reccommend a software (my guess is between Rebel and BetBurger) and also please tell me what are the best bookies for arbing in UK. Marathon and Bwin already started limiting. After one day. And I had small stakes (2-300 pounds).

Also please tell me what is more efficient (ROI wise) live arbing or prematch.

I have accounts with: Bet365, Bwin, Coral, 10Bet, William Hill, Betfair.


If you want to get successful with arbing, i advise you do research. Those golden days arbing, when you sit down and everything is told or done for you is gone. so my best advise is to research, if you start search in this forum, you will find more answers than questions enough to make you a pro.

All your questions can be answered easily here also, but you will end up asking more and having problems if you dont research and read.