Rizk casino experience after a month


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So I opened an account at Rizk, purely due to the fact I thought 21Casino had reduced their RTPs (It turned out they hadn't it was an error)

Anyway made a few modest deposits, played slots several evenings, had a nice couple of wins and after the month I am ahead by £365, and £58 still in the balance.

I have provided my ID and verification, did that before my 1st deposit.

However, I have been given a monthly loss limit of £130, which I asked to be increased a week back, no reply.

And as of yesterday, because I had the audacity to play for 3 hrs 17 mins, and after midnight and apparently at "high stakes" my account is locked.

For the record my highest bet since I opened my account is 60p.

Anyway, if this sums up online gaming in 2021, its in a very sad place.