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When did you enter the casino? What should you do first? is to look for the gambling game that you want to play and play the best by choosing
Another reserve game of gambling in order to take a break during the time when the game is good at starting to have problems. Then have fun with
the game as much as possible Don't forget to practice playing, watching stats, and improving yourself. Ready to start studying
or study the timing that should be placed in that game In order to help increase the chances of winning more bets.
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I open new Account with 1xbet after making deposit I can’t login anymore on my account and the support don’t answer my email I contact them many times but no one help !! They kept my money and no answer now more than 3 Month I found in many Forum that they scam many customer I must go to day to the police and make Reklamation !! Take car and don’t trust this company
Don’t trust the company with name 1xbet they scam me they don’t let me login in my account after making big Ammount deposit and they don’t answer my email … more than 3 Month riggt now and no one help … I call them on the phone but that s mean other department is responsible not the hotline support I send them many email look on the attached file they stol my money and they don’t answer


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The company 1xbet scam client worldwide !! Just listen to the attached audio from the support !! They scam the money they change the password and your money is gone and after that they send you from the support to the next now more than 3 Month !!