Some important question about arbitrage


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Hello everyone,
I’m sorry to bother you with plenty of questions and my bad English.
I’d really like to thank you for the time you will take to help me but it’s really important for me.
I’m very motivated to learn all about these technics.
I am conscious that to acquire a good level in arbitrage I have to practice a lot and try lots of things. But I want to have all the information to start in the right way and if possible not to do some novice mistakes.

• Question 1 : Do you think we should give up on all the European bookmaker (Bet365/Unibet/bwin/ William hill …) for the surebet? Because they block their winning customers and limit their accounts.
• Question 2 : Do you think it’s more interesting to use a broker like asianconnect88 / premium trading than to have several accounts on the main Asian bookmakers (Pinnacle/sbobet/ …) and manage the capital every week with an e-wallet?
• Question 4: On which bookmaker do you trade most of the time?
• Questions 5: I have seen many arb services such as betburger/oddstorm/ rebelbetting… But which one is the best service according to you? Which one do you recommend me?
• Question 6: From your personal experience, what is the maximum capital we can manage and make grow?
• Question 7: Most of people who bet are keeping balance sheets each month to analyse how much they have earned. Can you tell me how much do you earn in average in % if it’s not indiscreet?
• Question 8: Do you have any advice for me to make a good performance?

Thank you very much for all the answers you will provide and the time you will spend.
[PS: if there is anyone French here, I’d really like to discuss about it]


If you are really that motivated you would have read the entire forum and answered all your questions already. I can tell you now, the ones who are most successful here are the ones who never had to ask questions. They sought and found the answers themselves.

1) No
2) No, you only need to cross that road when you come to it or you are in a country which is restricting use of asian books
3) You forgot three :) But if you meant to ask do I need to read through forum then answer is yes
5) Use search function and read, answered already
6) Same as above
7) Same as above