Stake Denied my Birthday Bonus


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I contacted Stake on my bday. Asked about the bday bonus. It took almost 3 days before it was denied. Here's how to avoid that.

Emailed Stake on my bday, intrigued that Stake would be so generous. Results:

Stake: Wait until 10 am UTC. [I waited; emailed at 6pm; confirmed that it would be released the day of my bday]

Stake: Please allow more time then contact us. [6 hours later, emailed Stake].

Stake: Please allow more time, contact us. [Waited 6 hours, repeat].

Stake: Please wait 24 hours. [Waited, emailed].

Stake: We will contact the appropriate team. [now 2 days later].

Stake: You were unsubscribed from Stake so you are ineligible for the Birthday Bonus

Me: Odd, I've received all other emails from Stake. Im only unsubscribed via SMS.

Stake: nothing we can do.

Me: Perhaps you'd extend the bonus retroactively given that I inquired on my bday?

Stake: Nothing we can do.

Me: Unsurprising.

Stake:'s the pre-monthly code.


Moral of the story: ensure you are subscribed via email. In fact, confirm that youve not been unsubscribed in advance of your birthday (and all other bonuses for that matter).

Despite attempting to sort out the matter the day of my birthday, the process was stalled and the bonus was denied. When asking to receive the code retroactively (exactly like the pre-monthly I was then offered), I was also denied. Quite honestly, Im not concerned about the bonus amount-- its a trivial sum. But I'm also not surprised by the outcome. Its the sort of conduct Ive come to expect from this casino. (Even if I did unsubscribe from emails, my bday inquiry constitutes acceptance of the offer. I received other bonus-related emails.. And it's not like Stake is powerless; it could just as well send a lousy $25 to my vault). Altogether, feels rather petty and I think any reasonable person would feel the same way. There's a pattern of this conduct and I'm pretty well done with the headache Stake continues to offer. Anyway, perhaps this info helps someone in future. Cheers.