Stake Is Rigged


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Me and about 20 other people have had a certain strategy running on the dice 24/7 for weeks, now today all of our accounts got ripped at the same exact time........its almost like they saw this strategy was working and changed the algorithm or code to patch it. Isn't this illegal? isnt that the whole point of the strategy tab is to come up with a strategy that works? Stake is looking real sketchy to me.......


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i have also noticed something similar, there was a strategy i came up with with a very low percentage of ripping, and it never ripped for multiple times and small bets but as soon as i increased bet size ( along with stop loss and other factors in same ratio to bet size) and ive repeated this many time every time i increase bet amount to something substantial it will rip even if it has .002 % chance of ripping.

I have experienced similar rigged nature of dice in manual bets too, i can profit as long as bets are small, but as i increase bet size the loss streaks become real long, once, when i increase bet amount and it starts going to streaks of 10-15 losses on x2 multiplier which is quite rare! given i change seed often too

the system is quite unbeatable and anyone thinking of trying to beat it to win some money is in delusion (im in same spot) and it can be a hard fact to swallow that you'll never make back all the money lost to the house.

never chase the casino is smarter than you.