Stake streams...


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What is everyones take on stakes live streams...

These past few months of the stake live streams be it Eddies streams or Dusan streams have been very very disappointing. For the amount of money that stake is pumped with every day why can they not put a little effort into the live stream set ups. All we ask is maybe get a microphone that doesnt make our ears bleed. I gotta say todays stream with Dusan I almost had to have it muted when something hit on one of the bonus buys the yelling probably damaged my ears beyond repair.

There are so many other issues with these streams I cannot get to everything but, leave your comments what you think they should change on the live streams.


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I agree. Streams look like there's zero effort put in them and todays one was probably one of the worst.

You guys literally make millions of dollars of profit a month, why is it so hard to buy a better microphone, get a better internet connection, get a better setup, put some thoughts into the streams and make them more fun and engaging? It seems like you don't care about us costumers at all.