Strange advice from Unibet.....


Jr. Member
So here's a strange one.

I tried to verify my account at Unibet a week ago, and uploaded two docs (driving licence front + back, and a recent utility bill).

The licence was verified within minutes, but the utility bill was not, but it said 'may take up to 48 hours' so I left it.

Fast forward to seven days having passed and the utility bill was still not verified, hence my account was not still not verified.

I opened a live chat window to ask what was happening, and was advised to open a new account because I live on the Isle of Man (?!?!?).

This to me seems like a one way ticket to future trouble, there was nothing about closing my existing account or anything like that, literally just 'open a new account', which of course will have exactly the same details as my current account, and will therefore doubtless fall afoul of all the usual 'one registered account per household' and all that stuff.

I probably should have questioned it more on live chat come to think about it, can the rep assist please?


Jr. Member
Maybe one of these eternity questions if Isle of Man players should be under UKGC or MGA :) Good to see it sorted fast.

edit: Of course you have also your own Gambling Supervision Commission, not just many casinos listed as license holders.