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I'm thinking of betting on the home team as I believe (not 100% -convince me...) they will finish the series and will win by double-digit.
Curry, Poole, and Thompson, if they would score at least 20 points each, I think the series is over, but of course, I have a little worry, what if they will not cover the spread?

What's the right call here, should I go with the spread or will just pass this game?


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This is a DOA game for Nuggets so it’s risky to with that kind of huge lead. Bet on over total score or plus handicap with double digit to play this last game safe. We can safely assume that GSW win rate is high with there home court advantage but Nuggets is a beast if Jokic and Gordon will play a good performance on this game. They can either win or close the gap by GSW.

Do the live bet instead of prematch bet so that you can assess first the players performance to increase your chance of winning.