What a joke


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In June 2022 I hit a big jackpot. That month I cashed out around $50k with no problems. Shit people from bovada were calling me to do the withdrawals for me. On Thursday I tried cashing out $9k and they have been a pain in my ass. It went from in June taking 30 minutes to today on hour 26. It's so bad at bovada a guy threatened me and I quote "you don't want anything to happen to your money do you". Who the fuck says that in there business especially over the phone. That's what you call a coward. A employee even told me things have changed they used to push the hall of fame right on through and now the can't completely understandable. But for bovada to lie and tell me it's never been like that I know first hand I never waited an hour for my withdraw. Now they are holding my money playing games what a chicken shit business move to make. Maybe someone there will have some balls and reach out and talk like grown fokes do and be honest. I won't hold my breath to seeing my money or from them. Punk threatening like that has no balls