William Hill - RTP misadvertising,


As we all know - Will Hill have nerfed their RTP on certain providers - but not all slots from those providers.

I was playing on my mobile last night and noticed some discrepancies - on the in game help files - showing the original RTPS. So further investigation on thier website today....

Book of Dead - outside the game on the info screens etc - RTP 94%. In game help file 96%

This is on both their games and vegas sections

I know - other games showed a lower RTP last week - sus as DOA (original) This was dropped to 93%

However on their "new and improved" games home page - you can no longer check an RTP before playing game - and yep - you guessed it - help file for this shows 96%

So - not only did they drop RTP and only let players know in a round about fashion - the help files have not been updated and they are in fact now just lying to and robbing their customers, on Games - you used to be able to load a preview screen about game including RTP - this function has gone.

As the help files are inaccurate - surely this is against the law for their UK facing customers.

I have been loyal to them for years - losing on slots but having an account over £40k in profit due to Poker. However - enough is enough.

Fuck off you robbing scamming bastards.