William Hill



I'm new here, first of all thank you for letting me in, i'm glad to be here.

I have a need for first post already, and it's William Hill. For me, for starters obviously best soft bookie out there, but i have been limited there preatty easily there inside of a month.

Can someone please help about this? Give me some tips, what to do to last a bit longer without getting limited?

Last time i tried betting only on big leagues, it was yesterday my account was verified. I put down one NBA, one Euroleague bet for 200e per. And also 2 small bets on big Hockey league, 50e each. Already i am limited.

Waiting for any kind of help and thank you!


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From my own experience, you need to build up a betting habit starting with small bets and slowly increasing your stakes before betting £50 - £100 plus. I usually get limited pretty quick with any bookmaker where i bet high too early, which is why i dont do that anymore.