Withdraws from Betway


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Hi there I have some questions that aren't getting answered from the online chat if anyone can help or give advice that would be great. I recently deposited 1000 to Betway casino and with great luck I won 16,000. I recently looked up Betway and read horror stories on withdrawals and they will find any reason not to pay you. I have not used any of the bonus incentives with my 1000 deposit but I did claim a free Spin bonus for a whopping win of 3.00 in the past. Do I have to be worried about the 30% wagering rule do I?

Any help would or advice would be great I'm just really worried they are going to find a way not to pay me after reading so many negative comments:(
I personally don't think you'll have a problem with Betway.

By the 30% wagering rule what exactly do you mean?

If you deposited and played with your own money and there was absolutely no bonus involved and your balance was zero before you deposited so no previous bonus would still be active you will not be bound by any of their bonus terms. Is this the case?
Hmmmm, I think it's better to try a different platform with less hassle in withdrawing your prizes, such as OLE777, which has no withdrawal fee and the best part is you can get a 100% bonus when you deposit for the first time on their platform.